October 21, 2015

Sadie Headshots

Like mother like daughter...  *sigh*

Our little Sadie is quite the drama queen!  Playing with my new camera last weekend, she asked me to take a whole host of 'looks' for her headshot portfolio. 

She said she no longer wants to be a Small Dog in a Small Pond and has bigger dreams and aspirations than to live with Lliam and I on The Compound.  Oy vey!  I didn't want to completely squash her dreams, however.  So we did have some fun playing around.  I also told her that when she's 18 and no longer lives under our roof,  she can make her own decisions. In the meantime, she needs to get a good education. 

This is her Commercial Shot for sure!
That's a face that could sell insurance to grandma!

Coy & Demure Sadie
Good for murder mystery or period pieces!
"Dogtown Abbey"

Film Headshot
She just needs a space suit & helmet!
Dramatic Shot
I'm sorry Meryl but the Oscar goes to The Small Dog for 'Sadie's Choice.'

Smoky Eyes Sadie
(I told her she's too short to model but she won't listen) 

Fragile Ingenue

**Sadie is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and squirrel chasings.
Small dogs and big dreams,

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