November 05, 2015

Playing With The Start Of Winter

I'm in LA, Trick! 
Mazama is wonderful for so many reasons (especially the ones you'll see below), but once or twice a year, I really like to head south to reconnect with the crazy, creative energy that is Los Angeles.  I've had an inspired time the past couple of days talking with my friends and family that are auditioning, performing in shows, tapping into magic of their inner artists, whether creatively or personally in their everyday lives. 
It seems like the right time to be here. Everything in my world has been screaming at me, for me, to create. If I feel like singing, I start singing.  If I feel like writing, I start writing.  Unlike trying to make it as an actor in my early 20's, where I demanded so much of Inspiration.  I suffocated it and stuffed it into a very small box full of my plans for us. This creativity is my friend.  I want to take care of it. It isn't connected with expectation or demands.  I hang out with it solely for the joy of it.  What a difference...
Inspiration is kind of like The Small Dog, poking at me until I play 'pinecone' with it.  So here I am in LA, carving out a minute of alone time to be with this other very real and yet unreal friend.  Kind of crazy but that's how we're rolling these days.
My honey drove me to the airport on Monday.  I knew there was snow on the mountains but as we passed through on Highway 20 it was quite possibly the most sparkly, magical, hand-clappy beautiful that I've ever seen it.  It was breathtaking!  He offered to pull over so I could take some quick pictures. And then, because he is so perfect for me, encouraged me to break out the new camera and quick grab some shots.  It was a bit of a rush but I'm so glad I did.
This first one was shot with my iphone.
Camera phones are truly incredible.
This is with my Nikon D7000 and a 50mm lens.

Also, the 50mm lense.

I hope you enjoy!  I would love to hear your goals and projects... This friendship is such a gift.  I'm glad I'm relearning the value in it. 
Now back to the inspired flesh & bloods...  :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to purchase a print of that second shot if you are willing. Is that highway 20?
An 8x10 perhaps? Let me know. I like it alot.


MandiCrocker said...

Hey B-rad! That's awesome! Honestly, though, the picture is probably too color corrected/pixelated to enlarge. Now that I have better editing software I might try again with the original. Keep you posted? :)