February 24, 2016

Color Challenge Submissions

With only three days to go before I board a plane for India, I wanted to take a moment in all the last minute scrambling to share my final Color Challenge submissions with you.  I'm fairly certain that once I come back, I'm not going to be thinking about these photos at all.  ;)







This final photo isn't a part of the submission.  The light in the kitchen was really neat and I wanted to see how I could capture it.  I have to say photography is the new baking for me.  I find myself spending hours online pouring over information that will help me become a better photographer, let alone be able to call myself a photographer at all! I've always viewed the world differently when I've taken pictures, but it has become a bit of a mad obsession with this camera. I stay up way past my bedtime, nearly run the car off the road when I see a shot out of the corner of my eye...   

I truly cannot wait to see India through my eyes, through my heart and through the lens....
Three days. Terrifying and thrilling!

Click... Click... 

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