May 14, 2010


First of all, so sorry, everyone, for not being able to post the winner last night.  I had a bear of a headache and spent most of the night whining.  It was no bueno.  :(

Second, so sorry to those who did not win.  I know, I know, it was TOTALLY rigged!!! But without further ado... 

I went through all of your lovely comments. 
*swoon, swoon*

Made sure all of the referrals were counted as double entries... 
etc, etc...

Which one is the winner!!????

I put them in the Sweet Lovin' Man's 'lucky' Cubs hat.



:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Miss Michelle from Florida-- Congratulations!!  YOU are the winner of 'The Great Nationwide Brownie Giveaway Sweepesomething- blah, blah, blah'-- 


Thank you so much for your entry!  And for all of you that are still groveling (that's probably you, Ginnybean- I'M SORRY!!!  You even got Steven Spielberg to apply!!! ((not really))), please know that Michelle is WELL WORTHY of a dozen brownies...

Helloooo, she loves 'Sense & Sensibility!?'

"WILLOUGHBY!  Will you not shake hands with me!!??"

Freakin' Willoughby.

Anyway!!  Miss Michelle, please send me your address (or whoever you want to send them to!) and the flavor of brownie you would like to my e-mail address: and I will get those out to you asap!  I'M EXCITED!!!!

As for the rest of you, you STILL win (not really) because tomorrow's blog will consist of little notes I've responded to you all.  All of your comments were so heartwarming, I wanted to individually thank you & respond.  So be sure to search out your name tomorrow-- hopefully, I won't forget anyone!

And for today's grand finale...  

*Cue 'God Bless America'*

Okay, maybe they're really *cough* Kosher Salt Caramels.  

(Who's got the time when there's a BROWNIE GIVEAWAY happening, people!!???)

And Kosher Salt IS the salt of champions.

So don't forget to read tomorrow as the blog will be dedicated to all of YOU!!
And be sure to wish Michelle 'Congratulations!!!'

Happy Chewing!!  (?)


Robyn said...

Man I wish I wasn't a sore loser.


Oh!! oh!! I mean, CONGRATS to Michelle!!!

YAY!!! Michelle!!!

Sassypants Wifey said...

For the love of chocolate, woman, there had better be more giveaways. I can not be held responsible if you keep posting delish photos...
Congrats Michelle, you member that deal that you would split them if you won? What do you mean you dont know who I am... Man some people just let fame go to their heads. HA!
Hope your headache is better none the less!

Darci Monet said...

Hey!!! I'm your SISTER! I thought I was GUARANTEED to win! This blows, man.

Congrats, Michelle. *grumble grumble*

Beth said...

Salted Caramels!!! yum. I want me some of those. :)

MandiCrocker said...

Dingy Dongy, of COURSE you win!!! I thought you were gonna win Saturday... but you might not win until Monday. :( I HOPE IT'S SATURDAY!!! :) :) :)

Miss Daisy said...

"Lucky" Cubs hat? They're a few steps from last place and haven't won a World Series in (going on) 102 years. AC0164101. Still waiting for AC000000!!!!!! I believe! Actually, I hope more than I believe.

Michelle said...

OMG I can't belieeeve I won! I will admit to shrieking "I won brownies!" and confusing my family mightily when I read this. It's funny, my husband is in Chicago right now and my sister and I were watching "Sense & Sensibility" earlier this evening.

Also? Grasshoppah Brownies!!!

Gingersnap said...

That's Cool. I did try to get it deceitfully.

Michelle said...

ZOMG most sinfully delish brownies EVAR!!! Yum yum yum and to the people who didn't win - neener neener neener! :-)