May 15, 2010

A Year In Review...


You, my dear, loyal (and dare I say sexy!) readers...

...ARE AWESOME!  Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments!  As promised, I wanted to respond to each of you & the blogs that you chose as your favorite.  Then we'll get back to the cookin' & bakin'!  :)

Because this blog took four hours to write and I included so many pictures, I will have to continue this on a second blog...  :)

Here's the first:

Miss Sassypants Wifey- You chose the 'Happy Hollow Weenie Blog.'  Thanks, lady!  I am sooo psyched that your kids made you make Halloween cupcakes after- HA!  :)  I'm so sorry you didn't win.  You're preggers.  You deserve brownies whenever you want them!!  Though I cannot afford to send brownies to everyone who entered, I will say prayers tonight that you find brownies in the near future to fill your big belly with even more goodness!  (Okay, I know that kids don't come from bellies but that's a whole other blog, yaknowwhatI'msayin'?)  Thank you for your entry!!

Miss Fine Arwyn- You chose the 'My Sweet and Saucy Blog.'    That's a really cool memory for me.  :)  I remember reading her blog (still do) and when she opened up shop, I felt like such a fan-- I know my face got bright red.  I get a lot of inspiration from her and it was so cool when she responded!!  She has such a beautiful classic style-- as do you, lady!  You've always had such a caring spirit and I greatly appreciate you being such a loyal reader!  Hee hee... And I promise to work on something gluten free (AHHHHH!!! SCARED!!!)  in the near future!!!  :)

Dr. Beth!!! -  DUH!  You chose your 'Beverly Marsh Makes Retarded Frog DNA Cookies' blog!  :) It was  SO COOL to read that you sometimes go back to this blog to remember you actually DO have your PHD.  YOU are an inspiration, woman!  I'm so honored every time you order from me-- I can't thank you enough for the continual opportunity.  D.C. sucks!  Stay here forever!!!  ;)

Kelly (aka: Mama!!!)- I just love you.  :)  You chose 'Weighting: A Long-Winded Story of Baby Step Successes.' Knowing that you're out there doing it soooo inspires me to get out there & do it.  I have fallen of the wagon BIGTIME these past two weeks... but actually re-reading some of those January/ February blogs reminded me of why I need to and wanted to be healthier in the first place.  Thanks for voting, Mama-- Your vote helped me to feel inspired again.  ARF!  :)

(No picture for that blog).  :)

Candygirl- You chose 'Blogs to Watch' and 'Next On A Very Special MandiCrocker'.  First of all, getting to pimp you out is ALWAYS a pleasure.  It seriously blows my mind what you do while having twin girls.  You & Sea are AMAZING.  I know so many talented women!!!  :)  And second, it was very touching to have you vote for our diabetic story.  I love the SLM very much and I think the way we met it totally swoon-worthy.  Hee hee...  :)

(No picture for either of these... but please check out Candy's blog!!)  

Brig- You chose the 'Who's Up For Some Adventure!?' blog.  I love that one, too!  It WAS such an adventure for me... There's so much beauty in this country and the blog reminds me to be fearless.  :)  And I'm psyched I finally got to meet you!!!  :)

Ms. Groundlings Sarah- I have so many friends named Sarah... In my mind you're always 'Groundlings Sarah'- HA!  (And one TALENTED lady!)  :)  You chose the 'Chex Mix' blog which has a very special place in my heart because it reminds me of my dad.  And I love my dad.  Almost as much as chex mix.  OH MY GOSH I WANT SOME NOW.  Good pick, woman. That is all.  :)

Juliette- "Hall√∂chen!"  :)  I'm not sure which blog you were talking about... My first blog from Chicago was, 'Dear Anonymous, Who Cares!?' but I'm gonna go with all of my blogs from January.  HA!  I was definitely on a roll and I felt lighter in every respect.  Having reread through a lot of these blogs has been such a cool reminder of how excited I was then... how excited I get to be now with my business kickoff right around the corner.  Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your constructive criticism & encouragement.  Always willing to help a 'Crocker out!!!  Thanks lady!!!  You're encouragement is a gift!  :)

(No peecture).  :)

Horrible Marie- Your favorite is all of them.  You're so full of it and a GINORMOUS goober that I love & adore & miss SO MUCH!!!  I'm changing your ridiculous vote to 'Da Smiffs Homefries To Take Camping!' because it reminds me of YOU.  WAAAAAAHHH!!!!  I miss camping with my favorite Marie & Chris!!!  :(

Manders- You chose the 'One Year Birthday Brownie Giveaway' -- Do you know that you're selfish?  HA!  I'm sorry I wasn't able to feed you this time, Manders.  I'm hoping that your agent meeting went awesome & soon you'll be on some improv-esque new NBC show that makes you millions & you fund all of my business needs.  Then I will always feed you?  DEAL!!!  :) You make me laugh... HOW WAS YOUR INTERVIEW!!???  :)

Oh Jane B.-  FOOD PORN.  You definitely get in the Top 5 favorite blog votes for your novel-esque, hilarious comment.  You're nuts.  You had me at 'heavenly bricks.'  HA!  You're favorite was 'And Now Back to Our Previously Scheduled Programming.' Please tell the crazies at UCLA I said hello... You know who they are. You're one of them!  NOW WHAT ARE THE NAMES OF MY READERS!!!  THE PRESSURE'S ON!!!  (Be sure to drink heavily before answering that...)  :) 

Robynski- You voted for 'Tutorial 101: MandiCrocker Platter Secrets."  All I can really say about you is that you're an inspiration & a darn good mom!  I was so happy to do that blog for you cause everytime you post one of yours I learn something new-- either about the woman/mom you've become or about some amazing skill I didn't even know you had.  Dave is a lucky man & its pretty awesome to know that you feel lucky, too.  :)

Russell-  They let you be a dad, huh?  ;)  You voted for 'My Very First Blog' which didn't even have a title!  I hope your chilluns & wifey are well!!!  Thank you for being a looney toon.  Children need more dads like you!!!  (p.s. My dad was a looney toon if that says anything).  :)

(No picture).

Nannypants!-  How cute that you're right by Russell.  Improv for me, you guys!!!  Readyyyyyy, GO!  :)
You voted for 'It's Ipod's Birthday:  Bleeding Happy Face Cookies.'  So funny... seeing those old pictures of that cake, I thought the EXACT same thing.  How much I miss having a bunch of people over to eat & drink cheap wine & laugh til our bellies exploded... *sigh*  Miss the Nannyp.  :(

Angie-  Thank you soooo much for your sweet message.  It meant the world to me.  :)  You, too, liked the 'Beverly Marsh Makes Retarded Frog DNA Cookies'  because of my love for Rory Gilmore.  HA!  *sigh*  Oh, I miss that show...  :(  :(  :(

Dianne- You didn't technically vote for a favorite because you loved them all.  OKAY!!!  :)  HA!  I'm not sure if my family thinks I'm funny or just hopelessly deranged.  Regardless, it sure is fun to watch their reactions!!!  ;)  And here's a picture of your linzers!  I hope you liked them!!!

Please continue here to continue reading comments.

Much love-- thank you again SO MUCH!!!


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keep it up lady! can't wait to see the big roll out! =)