May 15, 2010

A Year In Review... Continued!


**Due to the amount of entries to personally respond to, I had to divide this blog in two.  Please start HERE.


Gingerbeer- You liked 'Susina Bakery Pumpkin Carving Contest:  The Results'.  I worked SO HARD on that pumpkin-- It's something I will go to my grave being proud of... That-- and scaring the hell out of you with that singing tree-- LOL!!!  I totally forgot about that.  *sigh*  Those were some fantastic LA memories, woman. Now you're a MOM!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!  I mean this in a totally gay way... I will never stop loving you.

OH WAIT... strange, here you are again with another post.  You say you like my 'United Airlines Rant.' But I think you just like CHEATING!!!  ;)

Steven Spielberg- WOW.  You didn't vote for a favorite blog but I want you to know it's an honor just to have you here.  Ginny's talked about 'Steven' for YEARS and I had no idea she was talking about the male Oprah.  Bad analogy... but anyway.  Thank you, sir.  Jurassic Park rules!!!  

Michelle- You picked 'Power Foods 101' and 'Workin Hard or Hardly Workin'?'  One is about health, one is about pie.  You're a complicated woman, Michelle.  ;)  HOLY CRAP & THEN YOU WON!!!!  :)  :)  :)  :)  YAY!!!  I'M SO EXCITED TO FEED YOU!!!  :)

Dingy Dongy- My seester, my frieeeeend.  :)  DINGY DONG-A-DEE!!!!  SMOOCH, SEESTER!!!  HI, DINGY!!!  DID YOU GET YOUR PACKAGE YET!!???  Dingy Dongy...  I love my seester. That's it.  :)

Miss Lisa- You chose 'Tropical Vacation Cupcakes' and 'Beverly Marsh Makes Retarded Frog DNA Cookies' as well!  But that's a-cuuuz your Disney Princess themed birthday cake is on  it!!!  Hee hee!  :)  Whoo- that cake was such a miracle, lol... I hadn't a clue how I was going to pull it off or if it'd stay together.  OR HOW IT'D FIT IN MY CAR!!!  I'll always be proud of that one... and to call you my friend!!!  Miss your pretty face!  :)

Nicki- Awww... you chose my Ipod's Bleeding Smiley Face Cookies, too.  *sniff, sniff*  Being so far away, you know what it feels like to miss such a good friend.  I hear ya, sister... :(

Myles-  You chose 'Game Day-- I mean 'Who Cares For What Reason' Chili.'  And for that reason you are a GOOD MAN.  LOVE IT. Well done.  Bravo.  That's a d*mn good recipe!!!  :)

Alise-  *sigh*  There would have been no shipping & everything!!!  *sigh*  Next time, woman!!!  :)  You also chose Workin Hard or Hardly Workin'?'  Let me tell you... That is one DYNAMITE banana cream pie.  The Sweet Lovin' Man & I polished it off in two days!!!  And that is some riiiiiich pudding!!!    Someday, lady...  In the meantime, I hope you love Chicago!!!  :)

Sarah- Thank you, Miss, for the compliments on my platters.  YOUR TRUFFLES LOOK DIVINE!!! Oh yum... now I want decadent chocolate dipped goodness... And I love your culinary 'to do' list.  I have one, too!  I've never posted it... but it's lengthy!  So much I'm dying to try & so little time.  :(  .  I love food blog communties.  :)  

Ellen- I MISS YOU!!!  I swear I'm going to call soon... fo reals!  I haven't even talked to the Ipod in months!!  I've been a horrible friend!  :(  Good point on the 'long distance girlfriend' blurb.  HA!  Yeah, I should change that.  :)  And I miss planning parties with you!!!!   :(  You liked the free brownies as well...  :)

TuscanFoodie- So glad you liked Ipod's Bleeding Smiley Face Cookies!  Even more glad, I've found another kindred spirit in the food blog world.  And you're in Chicago!  :)  I can't wait to finally be done with all this paperwork & MandiCakes will be up & running... and I'll finally get to feed you!  :)

Susan- A woman after my own heart!!!  :)  You chose 'My Heaven:  Turkey Melts & Spicy Sweet Potato French Fries.'  Oh, yum.... I'm with ya, sister!  You take such beautiful pictures-- I have so much to learn, especially in that dept!  Great to see a new face on here.  :)  :)  :)

Miss Daisy- Thank you for being so wonderful to me and making all of my dreams come true.  You're my biggest cheerleader and I can't thank you enough for being supportive of MandiCrocker as a blog and MandiCrocker as my aggressive and broke gambling persona.  I love you, handsome.  I'm so lucky. Smooch.  :)

Hope- Who cares about food blogs... CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING ENGAGED, WOMAN!!!  :)  :)  :)  I wish you & your man happily ever after-- CHEERS!  :)

Teacher1- Awww, thanks Freya's friend!  :)  You also like, 'Happy Hollow Weenie Platters.' So sad you can't celebrate Halloween at your school but I'm glad you got to live vicariously through this goofy blog!  Hope you stop in again-- any friend of Freya's is a friend of mine!  :)  

Yo, Yo, Yo Bobby K!!!-  I'm weird.  Anyway!  You ALSO like the free brownies blog.  AMAZING how that happens.  ;)  Bummed you guys didn't win because you & Sarah have been together so long that's a reason in itself to celebrate!  But next time... here's hoping!  Thanks for voting and give your girl a hug for me!  :)

Matt Watts- You voted for 'Me Very First Blog' which actually never had a title but who cares... (about the title not your vote)!  :)  But you voted for the first one because it's what led to all the magic.  HA!  You're consistently a total sweetheart!  Thank you so much for being so supportive, sir.  It's greatly appreciated!  :)  

Oh, Christine... Christine, Christine, Christine, Christine... You voted for my 'New Years Revolutions'.   Who cares... Let's talk chocolate chip cookies.  The real reason for living.  ;) When and where? This needs to happen. I'm thinking... you... me... a little 'Joe Public', maybe a little 'El DeBarge'...candlelight... an 'alcoholic beverage' if you will (or eight)... some butter, sugar and the rest of the ingredients you put in your perfect chocolate chip cookies. Done & done!  I am there!  But where is it again?  When?  Maybe I've already started drinking... I'm EXCITED.  :)

Love you guys-- Back to the baked goods tomorrow!

Miss MandiC.

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Sassypants Wifey said...

Aww I love that you think I should get brownies whenever I want, my midwife thinks otherwise... but seriously what does she know, I totally trust a bakers opinon on brownies over hers, HA! Keep up all the great work. I lust your blog, in a totally platonic food sort of way, mostly...