June 16, 2010

Investor Update

Good morning, everyone!
I have received quite a few e-mails from friends & family wanting to help MandiCakes get started. I feel overwhelmingly blessed! Thank you!

A couple of you had questions or were confused about whether I was looking for investors, donations or loans and how to go about doing any of those things. Good thoughts!

Here's the scoop:

The $1095 is the immediate balance needed as the remaining amount of start-up costs to legally be able to work in Chicago. Because there is already interest in the community for MandiCakes products, I'd like to get started as soon as possible. As of last night, an 'angel investor' agreed to loan me this money, no interest pending. Very exciting news! As soon as the paperwork comes back from my lawyer, I will officially be good to go.

However, I've taken enough business workshops in the past six months and have been in the industry long enough to know that having start-up capital does not equate to having a successful business. From here, I need to build my customer base to such an extent that I'm making a profit. This will take time and will also require funds: brochures for marketing and advertising, renting commercial kitchen space and storage, investment in equipment, having any kind of cushion while my customer base grows, etc.

So from here, I wanted to be very clear that my start-up costs have been taken care of which was the reason for my initial e-mail. But due to the reality of starting a business and wonderful response from family & friends, I wanted to give you the opportunity to still donate/loan/invest in MandiCakes as I will continue to need funds.

I trust that those funds, business and success will come with positivity, ridiculously hard work and an excellent product but also know I am going to need help every step of the way.

I am considering every amount of money offered as a loan with interest unless you've otherwise specified it's a loan with no interest or a donation I do not need to pay back. Down the road when I am looking at food trucks & a physical commercial space to set up shop, I will have a business plan finished for a more substantial opportunity but for now, these are really just start-up cost loans & donations, etc.

With all that said, if you would still like to donate or set up a loan arrangement, please feel free to do so! You can use the small button I've created through Paypal to the right.  Or if you'd like to use a check, you can contact me directly & I can give you an address.
If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns-- or ideas!-- let me know!

Thank you so much, everyone! I am humbled by your response and grateful to be surrounded by the most amazing friends & family. I have every intention to make you proud. :)


MandiCakes, LLC

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Larry said...

I couldn't agree with you more...

Thanks, Larry :)
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