June 14, 2010

MandiCakes Investors

Dear Readers of the MC,

I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to help a fledgling business become official! As most of you know, The Sweet Lovin' Man & I have broken up. During our two and a 1/2 year relationship, he has been my primary MandiCakes investor in Chicago and I couldn't be more thankful to him. I'm incredibly blessed for how far he has gotten me in the pursuit of my dream. He is also taking care of my expenses for two more months while I get on my feet which is also extremely generous. At the same time, this means I have about a month & a half to to decide to make my business official or find a regular job. I'm sure you'd all know which I'd rather do. :)

MandiCakes is sooo close to coming to fruition! All I have left to do is get liability insurance to work out of the commercial kitchen I've chosen and then get my business license. Liability insurance is $425. The lawyer I've been talking to mentioned a payment plan so I am not as concerned about this money. The business license, on the other hand, is $670. Payment plan for liability excluded, that would be a grand total of $1095.

I am currently looking for MandiCakes investors to cover this expense so I can legally get to work! Without investors I will have to put this dream on hold temporarily which seems such a shame when I've come this close. This week I am doing a presentation for a bar called 'Sopa' in Lincoln Park to wholesale cupcakes and am positive I can generate some decent business from this exchange. I also plan to look into other local pubs, cafes and grocery stores such as Whole Foods for wholesaling opportunities. And soon, if the city of Chicago lightens up their regulations in order to allow it, I'd really like to invest in a MandiCakes food truck. They're all the rage right now!

I am able to offer any investor $25 a month until the entire amount is paid although obviously I do plan to make larger payments as soon as I can. I will pay 5% interest, so I will give you an additional $55. Or a grand total of $1150. However, if I pay the entire borrowed amount in full in less than six months, no interest will be paid. Instead, you will receive a dozen brownies of your choosing for helping me 'win!' :)

There is no pressure to be an investor but I do want to mention this opportunity to anyone & everyone as my dream is sooo close to being fulfilled-- and you just never know! Feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends & family-- whether to keep me in their prayers or for other potential angel investment opportunities. My intention is not to pressure anyone but to be open to amazing things happening! I choose to believe in my success and that the best is yet to come. I appreciate the cheering section you've been since the very beginning and look forward to a time where I can be as much of service to you as you've been to me.

To donate, you may use the small paypal button directly to the right of this post.  Thank you so much!!

Much love & butter (because I can!),

MandiCakes, LLC
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