July 04, 2013

Welcome to Mazama!

This probably should have been my first blog but I fell down the basement stairs in my walker as a kid so I make no apologies for the way I do things...
This is Mazama-- pronounced like the word 'Shazam-a!  If you pronounce it Mazama like 'Llama,' the locals will  roll their eyes at you.  Mazama is located 3 & 1/2 hours east of Seattle on the 20, weather depending.  It's the first town you can stop in as you go through Washington Pass and come out of the Cascade Mountains.  I've been here approximately 35 days.
This is the Mazama sign that welcomes you into town!
And here is what would be 'Main Street' but is instead called 'Lost River Road.'  If you turn left, you go past The General Store and end up by  Lost River Runway Airport and some great hiking trails.  If you turn right, you pass 'Edelweiss,' a community of homes on the way to Winthrop and even more great hiking trails.  Winthrop, fifteen miles away, is considered 'going into town.'  It's a BIG deal.

 Definitely turn left first because you'll want to stop at Mazama's General Store.  I work here as a baker!!!  :)  :)  :)  This store has been here for eons but has been recently taken over within the past decade by the nicest family.  They done a huge renovation on it and it's adorable! They pretty much have employed everyone in town at some point!  It's surprising to think that a store in a town with a population only slightly over 200 folks can repeatedly sell out of hundreds of sandwiches and baked goods due to the influx of hiker/biker/climber traffic.  After having experienced the beauty here, I don't blame these tourists!  You can ski, bike and swim in the same day!  Not to mention, the sandwiches, on rustic homemade bread and baguettes are SUPER delicious.
 Most folks live in Edelweiss or on Lost River Airport Runway. 
We live by the Runway.  I finally saw my first plane land yesterday!  :)  :)  :)
It is not untypical to see deer in the backyard.  Or other woodland critters!
This is the runway.  I think it's just picturesque  here.
 And this is the 'airport!'
 I didn't realize when I first got here that it IS in fact an operational runway.
I find it utterly fascinating!
There's a great appreciation for the environment here.  Locals don't like folks messing with their remoteness or the town's natural habitat!  I LOVE this sign.  :) 
Down the street from where I live, is a river.  I can hear it with my window open at night which is pretty darn cool.  It's so crystal clear...
If  I have a minute of downtime, I like to sit there and meditate.  Oftentimes folks will meditate using tapes or cds with the sound of water.  I get to use the real thing!  I'm a lucky duck.  QUACK!!!

 This is a panoramic view of the river.  Every time I walk by, I just want to jump in!!

This is slightly southeast of Mazama on the 20 heading into town.  There's always lush, rolling hills and snow-capped mountains in the distance everywhere you turn here.  It's pretty incredible.   

As my friend Stacer says, "It's our version of the Swiss Alps!"  I believe she is 8,000,000% right.  One of our country's best kept secrets... 

UNTIL NOW!!!!!  ;)

Come visit & stay awhile!  :) 



Anonymous said...

I'm totes jelly. ;)

It is sooo beautiful there! I bet the air is fresher there too! I'd give anything to hike those mountains with you. That is the stuff our childhood dreams were made of!


MandiCrocker said...

Oh Banansky!!! There are soooo many days I think of you here... So many characters, such beauty. We'd be pioneering away!

MandiCrocker said...
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